Visiting Patong temple, Phuket

Post On: 16 September 2015
September 14, 2015

Cool places to see in PhuketPatong temple or popular as the name Wat Suwan Khiri Wong mark the gateway of Patong under mountain road Kathu settlement and the city of Phuket. Tourist attractions have a temple which has a community and in the area around Patong Temple / Wat Suwan Khiri Wong and more along the road tourism Phisit Karani will see old houses and people who do not participate much in the event closest to the beach. Patong Temple / Wat Suwan Khiri Wong is a haven of peace, even with the main road outside.

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It is a fairly wide with the main Patong Temple / Wat Suwan Khiri Wong, belfry, monks quarters, dining room and so on. Yes, there are monks in Patong Temple / Wat Suwan Khiri Wong. If tourists wake up early, you can catch them, because that walk down the road from the Temple through the old part of Patong. Near the temple is a small street market every day selling vegetables, fish and meat, which began in the morning and the other at 8:30 am. Along the same path as many small local shops, while they are competing with 7-11.

Patong Temple / Wat Suwan Khiri Wong brings you back to the time of Patong is a village, when the tourists have discovered Phuket. Patong Temple is enough to Karon beach, climbing the hills of Kathu, enjoy this, when he reached the temple on the Hill before descending to great.

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