Visiting Khao Rang Temple, Phuket

Post On: 20 September 2015
September 15, 2015

Cool places to go in PhuketKhao Rang Temple or famous as Wat Kao Rang or Sumnak Song Khao Rang or Kao Rang Temple situated at an excellent location in the city of Phuket, sitting on the side of the popular Khao Rang (Rang Hill). At Khao Rang Temple is where tourist can discover a large seated Buddha in gold – the first of its kind on the island. This Khao Rang Temple is busy on weekends when locals pay a visit.

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Don’t miss the opportunity to walk around Khao Rang Temple to see some of the amazing art forms Thais including a statue of Yommaraj (the Lord of death) and the Giants in the myths of Thailand, as well as the traditional carving doors and roofs of the temple. Sitting in a row are the images of the monks of great prestige were, and who died years ago. They are among the main attractions of this temple.

The atmosphere of Khao Rang Temple is very quiet and is not at all a busy tourist place. It is common to see different generations of families come to “do merits” for donation of fresh food, as well as alms to the monks, usually in the morning before 11:00. This is one of the most beautiful images to see in Thailand.

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