Trip to Wat Srisoonthorn, Phuket

Post On: 11 September 2015
September 10, 2015

Top place to visit in PhuketWat Srisoonthorn local people calling Wat Lipon located in Tha Lan, North of Phuket. The first impression of entering the Park of Wat Srisoonthorn is as high as 29 Sleeping Buddha of building central of the wat, so big that was visible from the street.

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In the area there are other nine small images of Buddha in different positions – all those who faced the door as if to welcome people.

Why sleeping position in Wat Srisoonthorn? This position is considered very important to Buddhists, because that represents the Buddha in the dream stage. The story says that it happened after he stopped a long six years of extreme torture yourself (in the hope of finding the truth about life). He had a dream that made him realize soon after that he has in fact achieved enlightenment and ready to help others.

If you look to your around Wat Srisoonthorn, you will notice that there are some non-Buddhist images, including Giants and Lions (all of Thailand myth, not in all the giants of media and Lions). Thais are believed to act as a guardian of the temple.

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