Traveling to Wat Prathong, Phuket

Post On: 15 September 2015
September 14, 2015

Places to visit in Phuket in one dayWat Phra Thong or popular as Wat Prathong is one of favorite temple in Phuket Thailand as tourist destinations. Wat Prathong in Phra Thong is not big temple, but with some buildings and elements of colors, is a nice place to visit. The main attraction is a golden statue of half-buried Buddha that is said to be ‘pariah’ in which anyone who has tried to dig reports, has condemned. The legend says that a farmer boy Buffalo which is linked to an object that looked like a message in an open field fell very ill and died shortly after, along with Buffalo. Poor father dreamed of this incident and went to see the post-it turned out to be the top of large buried Buddha image.

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Wat Prathong open for tourists from 08:00 to 17:30 every day. Wat Prathong is situated at Wat Phra Thong 20 km north of Phuket Town and is located near Department of Thalang. Heading to the airport, the road leading to the temple is on the right side (that has to make a u-turn when driving). Look for a small sign before reaching Tha Lan and follow the road up to the wat parking.

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