Tips on Holiday in Phuket Thailand

Post On: 24 February 2015
March 11, 2015

Phuket is the largest and most popular in Thailand and is often called the Pearl of the South because of the exotic it offers stunning views of the white sandy beaches and turquoise waters of the endless coupled with wonderful views of the yacht along Phang Nga Bay, affords views of the dramatic limestone formations with a sparkling emerald waters. The coastline of this island is filled with lush foliage, offers a variety of water sports activities, restaurants and bars to suit taste.

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Tips for Transportation to Phuket

To explore phuket it is advisable to use the public bus or car or motorcycle rental services, because the average cost of a taxi here is expensive.From Phuket bus terminal to our destination, we can ride the motorbike taxis, tuk-tuk, or bus. For taxi to Phuket about 10-20 baht, to the coastal areas of about 100-200 baht.A local bus to one of the main beaches costs around 15-30 baht. For cost-saving there is a local bus station which will take you to Patong Beach. When exiting the bus station, head to Phang-Nga until into the street Yaowarat Rd., Then turn left. We’ll look at a roundabout. After the roundabout, keep to the right at a later date we will find Ranong Rd. In 100 to 200 metres where the local bus stop to get to Patong Beach

Attractions in Phuket Thailand

Here are some fun attractions in Phuket Thailand we can visit when a walk to Phuket with friends and family:

a. Promthep Cape here we will be greeted by thousands of elephants lumber of various sizes. This wooden elephant is none other than Lord Braham and his guardian. Looking down from the Cape is Nai Han Beach.

b. Changlong is a Buddhist temple of Wat is regarded as the spiritual symbols of Phuket. This temple is said to contain bone fragments of the Buddha and has given rise to many legends about mysterious healing powers.

c. Phuket Old Town is the old houses in Phuket and there are many Buddhist temples.

d. Kata and Karon beaches. both of these beaches are adjacent to one another that offers a unique Phuket beach landscape with indigo in water, white sand and the sky is very charming.

Phuket has one of the most attractive coastal scenery and varied.360 degree panorama of the sunrise and sunset, can see the entire island, including the Promthep Cape, Big Buhhda, View Point, Hill and Range. in addition to its beautiful beaches, Phuket is also known for having come within the tropical rainforest of Phuket’s Khao Thaeo National Park here, there is a magnificent waterfall.

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