Phuket Thailand Must-See Attractions and Places

Post On: 2 March 2015
March 11, 2015

Tourist attractions in Phuket are famous for the beauty of its beaches and must-see if you’re on a vacation to Thailand. Nautical tourism is the major tourism offered by one of the provinces in Thailand is. In fact, other than the name of a province in Thailand, Phuket is also the name of an island. Yes, the island of Phuket. The island is only about 576 sq KM, much smaller than the State of Singapore. But when compared to other islands in Thailand, Phuket Island is the largest island. Because of its beauty, the beaches in Phuket has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.

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Phuket has developed into a tourist site by the Government of Thailand since the 1980s; It’s no wonder when you are way way to phuket, facilities in tourist areas there is very complete. Starting from cheap lodging, dining, five feet to luxurious hotels and restaurants will spoil the tourists who come from all over the world. Of the many tourist attractions in Phuket, there are several attractions that successfully compiled by which has its own uniqueness and beauty that makes you must visit it.

Simon Cabaret Show

Attractions in phuket this one has become a hallmark of the Phuket tourism for approximately 16 years. The turin also could certainly incorporate the simon cabaret show to the list of required venue they visit. You can’t find these kind of performances in the famous tourist attractions in thailand. Simon cabaret show is similar to one of the tourist attractions in pattaya, i.e. Alcazar Show/Tiffany Show.

At this place every night has always held a variety of performances, ranging from song, dance, Ballet, to the performing arts drama known as cabaret. There is one thing that is unique in this space, all cast in performances at the simon cabaret show is a lady boy! Lady boy is a term for a man who had very similar to women, even we can’t tell the difference.

Patong Beach

Many argue this patong beach as his kuta Beach phuket. The dazzling white sand and crystal clear sea water, as well as the west-facing Beach and presents a beautiful sunset charm, as if a magnet for anyone who comes to Phuket. Patong Beach has become a mandatory destination for visitors to the island.

Location of patong Beach which is not too far from the city and highway, as well as the charm of its beautiful beaches make this beach is always crowded by tourists. Not to mention tourist destinations around this beach, which pretty much guaranteed to make you want to linger in this beach.

Bang La Road

Bangla road is one of the characteristic sights of Phuket, it is a pity if you miss. Bang la road not far from patong Beach, you just simply walk about 1 KM which takes 10 minutes’s. over the road from patong Beach and bangla road towards lots of food vendors walk five patisseries. So you can also all culinary pleasures.

When entering the bangla road, the voice of the world’s great little noise and sparkling night directly addressed. Hundreds of cafes, pubs, and night clubs lined up neatly along 500 meters way bangla road. Never heard of lady boy? almost all dancers in this place lady boy, so be careful before you decide anything. Because tours in Bangla road Phuket include the night tour, it is not advisable to take young children to this place.

The Phuket Big Buddha

If Indonesia’s Borobudur Temple, Thailand has The big Buddha which is one of the new icons of tourism in Phuket. Called the big Buddha because in this place there is a very large Buddha statues, with a height of 45 metres and a diameter of 25 meters. Besides being able to see a very large Buddha statues, here also you can see the entire area of Phuket Island, because of the big Buddha is indeed founded on the Hill is the highest island of Phuket. So you can see the beauty of phuket with an angle of 360 degrees. It’s a shame if you missed attractions on this one.

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