Golden sitting Buddha at Wat Khao Rang, Phuket

Post On: 14 September 2015
September 10, 2015

Good place to go in PhuketWat Khao Rang or local people calling Sumnak Song Khao Rang has an excellent location in the city of Phuket, sits on the slopes of the famous Khao Rang (Rang Hill). Wat Khao Rang in which tourist can find a great seat Buddha’s gold – the first of its kind on the island. Attractive Temple Wat Khao Rang busy on weekends when people pay a visit.

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Park Wat Khao Rang is divided into two areas. The original buildings and elaborate support Buddha sitting on the ceiling, the back of the green hills and the new Temple beside it. The new building stands on top of a long staircase is decorated with a green dragon unusual, quieter snake but with some good views over other temples of the city.

Wat Khao Rang atmosphere is very quiet and is not at all busy tourist spot. It is common to see different generations of families who come to “make merits” with the donation of fresh food and alms to the monks, usually in the morning before 11:00. Wat Khao Rang is one of the most stunning images to see in Thailand.

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