Enjoy Nights in Bangla Road, Phuket, Thailand

Post On: 10 March 2015
March 11, 2015

Phuket nightlife deserves to bear the title of champion and his place is BANGLA ROAD. Bangla is the major road that is free of motor vehicles at night. Located in the Patong Beach, this is the center of nightlife in Phuket. In addition to left and right along Bangla road is filled with bars, pubs, clubs and cafes.

Want erotic dance, goes without pay, stay your eye. The streets along the Bangla Road many bars and Cafes serving the show’s outrageous openly. Want dance roadside, his music louder, music up to the streets. Want to live music, there are also from the rock, pop, reggae, to hip hop.

Bangla Road does indeed ordain you into heaven the evening entertainment in Phuket. Here is A Go Go Show, this is a special adult performances previously imagined only I have never been there but real in Bangla Road.

Yes, in general the heck nightlife of Bangla road single men are mainly for fun but somewhat less recommended for sweet girl.

Other Shows around Bangla Road Phuket:

Thai Boxing.

There are also performances in Patong Muay Thai Boxing. Typical martial art of Thailand gained a special place in Phuket. Promonya draws a box with cars transformed into ring Thai Boxing, two people you met at on it while moving slowly on the streets of Patong. Don’t forget the music typical of Thailand and inducement to watch echoed from inside the car. Sustain was not only Thailand but also people from abroad. watch pay this show about 1000-2000 bath.

Simon Cabaret.

This is the show that all the stars are its women men aka Ladyboy. but make no mistake, transvestites shemale Thailand-very pretty, sexy, spektakiler, fantastic and futuristic. Ladyboy body is nice and sexy female face, his voice also changed (supposedly they have genital surgery and regularly drank hormones to alter the appearance and voice to be feminine).

Phuket Fantasea.

This is a colossal plays a magnificent and luxurious. The place is spacious and there is a night market also. Phuket Fantasea involves hundreds of players and dozens of elephants as players. Its attractions is amazing. Tariff watch Phuket Fantasea 1500 bath with a shuttle car. If you want to choose a convenient seating for an additional fee, no matter if you want to get dinner plus charge again.

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