We’re Well-Nigh Actually Old

Hi friends – I know my blogging has been super inconsistent the final calendar week or so, but I’ve simply been genuinely busy.  I decided to wing out to Montana at the final infinitesimal to encounter my grandmother over the weekend… like, ticket terms an arm together with a leg, inwards together with out of the seat down inwards less than 24 hours.  She’s recovering genuinely well, but final calendar week was simply a reminder that anything tin give notice happen, together with I’m glad I went out to encounter her since I select no actual plans to locomote to MT until August.

My trip was thus curt that I genuinely didn’t convey whatsoever luggage – simply the clothes I wore (jeans, t-shirt, comfy sweater) summation a giant suitcase amongst an extra t-shirt together with underwear, pajama pants, toiletries, wallet, phone, together with iii books (priorities..).  Oh together with I packed my tiffin for the plane.  Because I’m a weirdo similar that.

We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
This is meliorate than pretzels.

We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
Who says girls can’t locomote light?


We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
Ready to Rock & Roll

I’m ever excited to pack my ain lunches for airplane travel, but for to a greater extent than or less argue when the fourth dimension comes to genuinely swallow my delicious concoction, I teach overwhelmed past times the irrational fright that my airplane neighbors are silently judging me.  Like, who is this crazy daughter that busts out a tupperware of salad on a ii sixty minutes flight??? Um yeah.  That would go me.

This salad is called “what is sitting inwards my pantry” salad.  I’m genuinely quite proud of how this turned out considering I threw it together on the fly.  The dressing is the best role really… thus expert I cry upward I desire to portion it.

But first… yesterday was  Ben’s birthday!  He turned 29…and inwards almost ii weeks, I also plow 29 which agency nosotros are almost 30.  We’re adults for existent now.

for to a greater extent than or less reason, this doesn’t bother me every bit much every bit I idea it would when I was younger.  In fact, it doesn’t bother me at all.  When I was still struggling to figure my life out, I genuinely resisted growing upward because it made me experience inadequate.  How could I still go thus lost when I was 23, 24, 25 years old?   And then, in i lawsuit I became to a greater extent than confident inwards who I was together with where I was headed, that fright simply went away.  I dearest the historic menses that I am, together with I’m pretty certain I ever will, whether that historic menses is 30, 50, or 85.

Ben’s non huge on birthdays, but I idea it would go fun to select a mini celebration amongst to a greater extent than or less of his favorite things – pie, scotch together with the Daily Show.  I picked upward a frozen pie from the co-op on my way abode from yoga, together with every bit presently every bit I was out of the shower nosotros sat downwardly to pie together with scotch, together with watched John Stewart mercilessly mocking our political system.  It was grand.

We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
Not homemade


We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
Also non homemade

We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
B-Day fist pound

We're Well-Nigh Actually Old
Too much scotch for Sidney!
(…totally kidding, nosotros are responsible pet owners…)

 Tonight is my sis’s final nighttime inwards town earlier she heads to Commonwealth of Australia for a four-month internship, thus I’ll in all probability go hanging amongst her this evening.  Which reminds me I ask to purchase her to a greater extent than or less Reese’s PB cups for the road.  Apparently these are non mutual downwardly under, together with who would desire to operate 4 months without a Reeses.  Not I.

And inwards other news:


Tahini-Lime Dressing– 1/4 loving cup tahini
– 1 teaspoon almond butter
– 1/4-1/3 loving cup H2O (enough to brand a dressing-like consistency without dampening the
   flavour also much.  Amount depends on the thickness of your tahini)
– Juice of 1 lime
– 1 teaspoon soy sauce
– 2-3 tablespoons chopped cilantro (or exit out if you lot abhor cilantro)
– tabular array salt to taste

Mix all ingredients inwards a small-scale bowl, stir together.  You’ll select to a greater extent than or less leftover dressing thus brand certain to select a small-scale jounce or tupperware handy where you lot tin give notice shop the extra.

The salad itself is opened upward to interplanetary space variations.  I used chickpeas, wheatberries, kale together with role of an onion.  I similar having a mix of beans/protien, grains together with greens/veggies but you lot tin give notice honestly exercise whatever you lot want.  Mix all salad ingredients together to brand nevertheless much you lot experience is reasonable for 1 serving.  Add salad dressing together with toss to coat, until you lot experience similar you lot select plenty dressing.  Again, totally your choice.  Some people dearest a ton of dressing, to a greater extent than or less similar simply a little.  I’m in all probability somewhere inwards the middle.

Have a lovely Thursday!

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