Tuesday Thoughts

What’s your drink/cocktail of choice? 
This e’er seems to depend on my mood. While hanging out at abode amongst my husband, I tend to stick to beer- unless he’ll bring together me for a bottle of wine! With the girls, its e’er wine. But at the destination of a dinner on the town, a celebration, or whatever fourth dimension I demand a pick-me-up, champagne e’er gives me that happy bubbly feeling I crave.

Do you lot direct maintain a signature scent?
I’ve e’er been a Burberry Brit girl.

What is your go-to restaurant?

Oh boy…this is a toughie. In Karlskrona, Nick together with I caput to Michelangelo’s a lot- its a quiet, cozy eatery perfect for our engagement nights. Back abode in that place is a groovy differential betwixt the two, but nosotros love Manny’s together with Stadium Pizza (talk well-nigh polar opposites!)

What is the laissez passer on detail on your wishlist correct now?

Right now, the biggest affair on my wish listing isn’t equally unproblematic equally heading off to a shop together with picking it up. I am looking forrard to beingness abode for the summer, together with enjoying enough of fourth dimension (three total months!) amongst identify unit of measurement together with friends.

What’d you lot create this yesteryear weekend?
Nick returned abode from a route trip on Friday, thus nosotros merely took the black easy. Saturday, I had a hockey game (we won!) together with and thus travelled upwards to Jönköping to run across or thus of Nick’s friends. Read well-nigh that shipping here.

Where are you, together with where would you lot similar to go to next?
Right now, I am hanging out at abode inwards Karlskrona, Sweden. As far equally go to next- the large opor-garai I am looking forrard to comes inwards merely nether 3 months when I volition endure off to Thailand for my honeymoon! In the meanwhile, I am certain I volition acquire an itch for a mini-vacation the adjacent fourth dimension Nick has a few days off. Perhaps a novel lilliputian town inwards Sweden!

What are you lot currently reading?
I’ve taken a slight intermission over the final few weeks inwards reading since outset my Master’s. Right now, the solely majority I am exploring is “Entrepreneurship, Innovation together with Regional Development” –for my course. I wouldn’t recommend it equally low-cal reading. Previous to this, I did read “The Wolf of Wall Street” together with “This is Russia.” The Wolf of Wall Street was an alright book, but I constitute it difficult to genuinely bask because I felt I was merely reading well-nigh his drug habits. This is Russian Federation was a really interesting book to me because it helped me to acquire to a greater extent than well-nigh my husband’s fourth dimension playing inwards the KHL. 

What are you lot currently watching?
Lately, I direct maintain gotten into Scandal amongst Kerry Washington. In the yesteryear ii weeks, Nick together with I direct maintain pretty much watched the entire firstly ii seasons- fourth dimension for a novel show!

Favorite quote of the moment?
Right now, I’d direct maintain to quote purpose of a vocal lyric yesteryear Passenger: “Only loathe the route when your missin’ home”
Tell us a hush-hush or funny fact well-nigh yourself…
My identify unit of measurement (my Dad, specifically) grows giant pumpkins. Highest tape thus far, 1217.5 pounds- together with this is e’er a groovy conversation starter!

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