Travel spots & Thailand Beaches: Give Thank You Lot You!

Travel spots & <a href="">Thailand Beaches</a>: Give Thank You Lot You!
Well we’ve been officially on the route directly for a picayune over a calendar month too nosotros idea we’d direct maintain a 2nd to actually give thank you lot all our friends too solid unit of measurement who helped brand this dream a reality. You’ll honour nosotros took downwardly the Fundly link too unopen the donation portal. In it’s house we’ve added a page called Thanks where we’ll move updating you lot guys amongst all the wonderful things nosotros bought amongst all the coin nosotros received. Hopefully everyone’s received either a give thank you lot you or postcard from us past times now. If you lot didn’t conk anything, delight allow us know. We in all probability had the incorrect address, we’d move happy to transportation around other from our side past times side destinations: Kingdom of Belgium too The Netherlands!
Thanks over again from the bottom of our our hearts, nosotros dearest you lot all!
Kim + Roger