Thailand Beaches: White Elephant Inwards The Forest

Tradition or conversation? That’s the enquiry that’s been raised since the icon of a white elephant was recorded a few days agone past times cameras inwards Kaeng Krachan National Park inwards Phetchaburi say inwards Thailand. 

White elephants are considered sacred inwards Thailand; they are said to bestow prosperity in addition to goodness fortune. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 white elephant featured on the national flag until 1917; in addition to a white elephant is withal the ensign of the Royal Thai Navy. All of Thailand’s 10 known white elephants – vi males in addition to 4 females – belong to the King, in addition to are kept inwards captivity at the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre inwards Lampang. All of these animals were wild-born, equally it is forbidden to breed white elephants. 

Thailand <a href="">Beaches</a>: White Elephant Inwards The Forest
The Royal Thai Navy flag

Thailand <a href="">Beaches</a>: White Elephant Inwards The Forest
A Royal White tusker, Phra Sawet Adulyadej Phahnon (now deceased) 

Thailand <a href="">Beaches</a>: White Elephant Inwards The Forest
Famous icon of the King coming together the inwards a higher house ele

According to reports, at that topographic point is a 6 ane chiliad 1000 baht vantage for anyone who captures the so-called white elephant (which is to a greater extent than similar a calorie-free grey, amongst fair lashes in addition to toenails) … but elephant experts are argument that this coin would live on ameliorate spent on preserving habitat in addition to protecting the wild elephant herd. Surely this would live on to a greater extent than auspicious in addition to forward-thinking than bringing yet unopen to other wild-born beast into custodial care. 

But inwards the meantime, farther show is required to attempt that the elephant inwards enquiry is indeed a white elephant. Salt licks select been created to lure the herd closer to cameras, spell the heavy media presence inwards the common has been restricted to laissez passer on the elephants space. 

My hope is that the powers-that-be purpose this chance to brand a existent behavior upon on the welfare of Thailand’s precious wild elephant herds past times spending the promised capture coin on conservation instead.

Thailand <a href="">Beaches</a>: White Elephant Inwards The Forest
One of Thailand’s auspicious white elephants – or possibly merely a normal elephant amongst makeup on…