Thai Light-Green Curry

I tin reach notice hardly believe Ben as well as I receive got already been married for half dozen months!… drive it feels similar 50 YEARS!!!!

Totally kidding. 

Anyway, we’re spending our six-month anniversary…working.  It’s almost similar our one-month anniversary when nosotros were lying on a beach reading books as well as drinking beer all day.  Oh wait…that’s non the same at all.

So honeymoon.  I never finished doing recaps, because every bit it turns out, life only keeps happening when y’all provide from opor-garai as well as I kept coming upwardly amongst other things I wanted to write about.  But I DO desire to complete writing most the trip…but I also don’t desire to waste matter your time.


Instead of only deadening photos as well as “on this twenty-four hours nosotros blah blah blah,” I volition wind upwardly my final 2 honeymoon recap posts amongst 2 recipes!  This outset i is an earnest endeavor to replicate i of the most amazing meals I’ve ever had, as well as the 2nd volition last i of the iii dishes Ben as well as I learned to ready at our Thai cooking class.

We begin pur jeopardy 5 months agone today….

Ben as well as I decided that every bit tempting every bit it was to pass every unmarried twenty-four hours lying around reading, we should pass at to the lowest degree i twenty-four hours exploring Koh Pha Ngan.  One of our favorite spots to consume on the isle also offered a taxi service, as well as therefore on August ix nosotros asked our buddy Pu to receive got us to some of his favorite spots.

The outset identify nosotros visited was a buddhist meditation center, amongst an amazing see of the island.

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

Our adjacent halt was Thongsala, the principal hamlet on the island.  It’s definitely to a greater extent than touristy than where nosotros stayed – a lot of backpackers as well as travelers, tons of stores all selling the same kitsch memorabilia, as well as agency to a greater extent than traffic.  One of my favorite parts most international go is exploring the markets – the multifariousness as well as freshness is only amazing.

Thai Light-Green Curry
Are those infant sharks??!

Thai Light-Green Curry

We also hiked around the Phong Noi waterfall…which was highly disappointing inward that in that location was no actual water.  I’m assuming this is non normal.

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

When nosotros returned to the hotel, nosotros washed upwardly as well as got ready for our i fancy/splurge dinner at the hotel inward celebration of our anniversary.  Santhiya actually went all-out inward making us experience exceptional as well as welcome – they had a tabular array gear upwardly inward a mortal corner of the outdoor seating area, decorated amongst candles as well as flowers.

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

The nutrient was great, as well as the drinks were AMAZING.  I may receive got had i also many, as well as was all of a abrupt inward the mood to partay as well as therefore nosotros walked downward the beach inward hopes of hitting upwardly i of the many bars we’d seen along the road, some of which seemed similar they had fun dancing at night.

Thai Light-Green Curry
I don’t await sunburned or sweaty at alll…..

Thai Light-Green Curry
Thai Light-Green Curry

Sadly in that location was no political party to last found.  Apparently nosotros were the alone people who wanted to acquire our trip the calorie-free fantastic on that night, as well as therefore instead nosotros walked to Rasta Baby, a bar amongst a chill reggae vibe as well as hilarious potable names.

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

But the best nutrient of the twenty-four hours past times FAR was lunch!

We’d had some nifty meals already on Koh Pha Ngan.  The sandwiches at Handsome Sandwich really were every bit amazing every bit they claimed to be:

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

…and the ambiance as well as drinks at Luna could non last beat…

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

Thai Light-Green Curry

…but the repast that only blew my remove heed was an unassuming greenish curry eaten inward a piffling eating spot at the overstep of a colina during our tour.

Thai Light-Green Curry

It. Was. AMAZING.  The most fragrant, flavorful as well as perfectly spiced curry I receive got ever had.  I don’t intend whatever thai curry I ever receive got volition overstep this i inward awesomeness.  I’ve tried inward vain several times to imitate the flavors past times making my ain fresh curry glue at home, playing around amongst diverse ratios of lemongrass as well as kaffir lime leaves… but honestly the closest I’ve come upwardly was using a pre-made glue from our local Thai grocer.  Still non quite the same, because y’all could only enjoin the ingredients inward the master were fresh every bit could be, but I intend it’s the closest I’ll acquire exterior of Thailand.

I made this recipe final week, as well as it took me correct dorsum to that hilltop, the peaceful feeling of having zilch to create but prevarication around inward the Sun all day, as well as the liberty of existence without my laptop as well as go email for 2 weeks.  I promise it tin reach notice reach y’all the same feeling…but if not, I at to the lowest degree promise it’s delicious:

– 1-2 tablespoons canola or kokosnoot oil
– 3 tablespoons greenish curry glue (I used Aroy-D brand)**
– 1 tin reach notice calorie-free kokosnoot milk*
– 1/3 -1/2 loving cup water
– 1 tablespoon fish sauce
– a similar majority of cherry eggplants OR other vegetable of your choice, chopped fairly small**
– 6 – 8 thai eggplants, quartered**
– 1/2 block extra-firm tofu***
– 1/3 loving cup shredded thai basil**
– 5-6 kaffir lime leaves**
– cilantro for garnish (optional)

In a medium soup pot or shape Fe pot, rut the oil.  Add the curry glue as well as sautee for most 2 minutes until quite fragrant.  Add the kokosnoot milk as well as H2O as well as fish sauce, as well as stir to combine.  Add tofu, eggplants as well as cherry eggplants, basil as well as kaffir lime leaves as well as ready for to a greater extent than or less 12-15 minutes or until thai eggplants are cooked.

Serve over rice, garnish amongst cilantro

* I used calorie-free kokosnoot milk for texture – the greenish curries I had inward Thailand e’er had a to a greater extent than thin, brothy texture.  It’s DEFINITELY non a fat/calories thing…for making Massaman or carmine curry I’d definitely purpose regular.

** You’ll in all probability demand to become to a thai or asian marketplace for these ingredients.  There’s a nifty i close me on Nicollet…but fifty-fifty they sometimes don’t receive got cherry eggplant as well as therefore y’all powerfulness receive got to sub some other vegetable.  I used oyster mushrooms chopped into 1/2 inch pieces.  You tin reach notice acquire Thai Kitchen build greenish curry glue from a regular grocery shop but it’s WAY to a greater extent than expensive for a much smaller amount.  I picked upwardly a fairly good-sized tub for $1.99.

*** The version I barbarous inward love amongst had tofu, but if y’all desire meat y’all could easily sub a similar majority of chicken or a calorie-free fish.  The flavors inward this curry definitely telephone cry upwardly for a white meat rather than beef, I think.  You definitely could purpose beef but…meh, only my thought 🙂

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