Phuket Airport

Back inwards 1999 when I arrived inwards Phuket, the airdrome was considerably smaller as well as quieter than it is now. Although Phuket was already a rattling pop tourist destination, as well as had been steadily growing since the 1980s, the airdrome had agency less flights as well as agency less arrivals as well as departures compared to now. I’m non quite certain where the figures come upward from, but the tsunami on 26th Dec 2004). But past times 2007, rider majority was upward to good over v i M 1000 as well as it’s been increasing always since. The 2017 figure was over sixteen million, alongside over one-half of this from international flights.

The airdrome was overstretched as well as getting rather outdated alongside simply 1 final until the novel international final opened inwards September 2016. I flew to the U.K. that September, out of the onetime final as well as dorsum into the novel one. Wow, a huge difference! Suddenly Phuket airdrome looked modern! The exclusively effect seemed to hold upward (and this continues to hold upward an occasional issue) the lack on plenty staff at immigration. There tin hold upward long queues sometimes .. alongside millions of people entering Thailand through Phuket airdrome .. at that topographic point tin never hold upward plenty staff! But at to the lowest degree the airdrome is bigger as well as to a greater extent than modern now. With the opening of the international terminal, the domestic final had xviii months of renovations that finished inwards June 2018.

Phuket Airport Location

This is something that many people don’t realise. I know many people brand it at the airdrome as well as await to hold upward a curt taxi ride from their hotel. Customers heading to our watch planes taking off or landing from the beach 🙂

 the airdrome was considerably smaller as well as quieter than it is right away Phuket Airport

Getting To Your Accommodation

There are plenty of taxi options from the airdrome to hotels anywhere on the island. My proposition – pre-book an airdrome transfer. So prissy later a flying to run across a taxi crusade belongings upward your mention as well as caput direct to the hotel without having to worry close arranging anything on arrival. My friends at Easy Day Thailand supply a rattling skillful airport transfer service either from the airdrome or dorsum to the airport. Their charge per unit of measurement is approximately 1000 Baht i agency or 1600 Baht for render transfer. That’s a fixed charge per unit of measurement for whatever hotel, hence a rattling skillful bargain for hotels farther away from the airport! If y’all majority a taxi on arrival from a desk at the arrivals expanse it mightiness go out a few Baht cheaper to some areas inwards Phuket. BUT getting dorsum to the airdrome is trickier. If y’all larn a taxi from exterior your hotel sure enough the bespeak charge per unit of measurement volition hold upward to a greater extent than than y’all paid to larn to the hotel. So that bargain offered past times Easy Day is a skillful one!

 the airdrome was considerably smaller as well as quieter than it is right away Phuket Airport

(above) Phuket Taxi Service past times Easy Day Thailand

There is a lower budget selection – a shared minibus service. Normally close 200 Baht per mortal as well as volition depart when total .. as well as hence accept longer to larn anywhere every bit you’re dropping people off all over the house as well as I produce listen these inexpensive options endeavour to brand extra coin past times dropping everyone at tour agencies along the way. If y’all are a single, depression budget traveler, this may hold upward the agency for you.

OR how close hiring a car? Many major rental agencies direct hold services at the airdrome (Budget, Hertz, Avis for example). You tin rent a automobile for close 1000 Baht per day. Good if y’all desire to explore larger areas as well as non simply remain past times the beach as well as accept a few organised tours. I know the traffic tin hold upward a footling nuts, but if y’all are an independent tourist, consider renting a car. Be certain to direct hold an international license.

The Future

Something volition demand to hold upward done hither inwards Phuket .. the numbers can’t maintain ascent forever, but already the airdrome is a chip likewise busy fifty-fifty alongside ii terminals. There is no infinite for a instant rail inwards betwixt the ocean as well as the hills, but .. plans are afoot to perchance construct a instant airdrome a footling due north of Phuket isle inwards Phang Nga say – see word here. Now I intend the persuasion is that this would serve Khao Lak .. difficult to run across how to larn everyone on the correct flights. If that novel airdrome got built it could hold upward a ii as well as a one-half hr crusade to the southward of Phuket, hence things would demand to hold upward managed rattling carefully. Let’s run across what happens …

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