Meet Nollywood Actress, Who Convey Lived Inwards Fourteen Dissimilar Countries

Meet Nollywood Actress, Who Convey Lived Inwards Fourteen Dissimilar Countries

In our tradition of bringing y’all success stories, from the United State of America, Travel Army presents a Nollywood Actress, Singer in addition to Entrepreneur. To acquire to where she is today, her even out is ane of sheer determination, hard-work, endurance in addition to a long journeying that took her across xiv dissimilar countries. She has been featured on BusinessWorld, ThePunch and many other magazines

Travel Army; Please, tin nosotros run across you?
Guest: My names are Monica Omorodion Swaida in addition to I am a Nigerian living inward the States of America. I am a Nollywood actress, instrumentalist in addition to an executive producer of music in addition to movies. I also ain an Insurance Company inward Massachusetts.

Travel Army: Why exercise people migrate?                              
Mrs. Monica Swaida: Most people migrate to amend their lives in addition to time to come of identify unit of measurement members in addition to kids. Others migrate for religious reasons, political or for work.

Travel Army: And what exercise y’all mean value are mutual mistakes migrants make?
Mrs. Monica Swaida: Some of the mutual mistakes people brand is that sometimes they go out their ain countries for countries worse off than theirs. It’s real of import to exercise query earlier going to a item country.

It is also real of import to know the rules in addition to regulations of countries ane is going to, inward gild non to acquire stuck. Also it is of import to larn virtually the languages, political stability, the economic scheme in addition to and then many other factors.

Meet Nollywood Actress, Who Convey Lived Inwards Fourteen Dissimilar Countries

Some people mean value that at that spot are greener pastures everywhere else than where they live. Sometimes, it’s non ever the pictures that is presented that tells the total even out of a country. Spend fourth dimension doing researches earlier venturing out.

Travel Army: What are your propose to aspiring emigrants?
Mrs. Monica Swaida: My propose for aspiring immigrants is to brand certain y’all exercise query on the the world y’all invention on going to. Are y’all going for work? school? etc. If it is for school, detect out if the the world allows gratis education, scholarships etc. Look out at the charge per unit of measurement of people getting citizenship. What are their rules etc.

If it is for work, hold back at the statistic of job in addition to unemployment, exercise query on the income per caput of a identify unit of measurement every bit compared to countries similar England,Germany in addition to America etc. What linguistic communication exercise they speak? How exercise they process immigrants? Read upwards on existent life stories!

One final propose is brand certain y’all stimulate got about coin amongst you. Money plenty to acquire dorsum abode if needed or coin plenty to remain inward a hotel or pupil hostel until y’all are able to detect yourself. Don’t go without money. Some airports volition plough y’all dorsum for non having plenty go money. I stimulate got lived inward xiv dissimilar countries. Every the world is different. Do your research!

Travel Army: Thank y’all real much. In fact sense is the universal woman rear of sciences. It is a neat privilege to stimulate got y’all on the weblog today. We sincerely, appreciate your propose in addition to guides.

Mrs. Monica Swaida: You are welcome.
Feel gratis to know to a greater extent than virtually her in addition to what she does hither Monica Insurance Agency (one of the maiden of all insurance way inward Lowell, Massachusetts) and hither Monicazation (her facebook page)
Click here to catch her hit-track My Baby is Gone on iTunes

Meet Nollywood Actress, Who Convey Lived Inwards Fourteen Dissimilar Countries

Information is pretty sparse materials unless mixed amongst sense (Clarence Day, The Crow’s Nest) 

I actually enjoyed interacting amongst Mrs Monica Omoridion Swaida, the Executive Director of Monica Insurance Agency, a President in addition to C.E.O of Monicazation Production (Music in addition to Movies) in addition to a Senior Director of Mary Kay Cosmetics. She is a adult woman of wisdom in addition to stimulate got a real expert human relationship. More grease to your elbow.                                                                                            
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