Honeymooninthailand; Reviews – Kelvin & Carol G.

“Dear Ponsri,

Thanks for your email, as well as but a brief Federal Reserve annotation to give thank yous you as well as your staff for everything during our recent trip to Phuket. I convey to nation it was a pleasance dealing amongst Easy day, from our master e-mail research as well as suggested tours past times Francesco to beingness met at the aerodrome past times our swell involve Tee, everything went smoothly as well as nosotros had a swell time. Please croak on our thank yous to Tee who was bright as well as became to a greater extent than of a friend than a involve during our trip.

Once 1 time to a greater extent than thank yous for everything, nosotros volition comment on trip advisor as well as volition convey no hesitation inwards recommending Easy Day to our friends.


Kelvin & Carol G.”

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