Honeymooninthailand; Review – Deborah Together With Marian

Dear Malila.

We had a fantastic twenty-four hours on the Racha Yai tour, it was lovely together with non bad value.

The staff were together with then helpful peculiarly amongst my Mum. They helped her inward together with out of the boat together with guided her when snorkelling.

The other tour was non together with then good.

It was bad atmospheric condition together with to live on honest the description of the tour was a lilliputian misleading equally nosotros did non run across the James Bond Islands.

The tour guide Julie had a sweater on together with kept proverb how mutual depression temperature she was. We couldn’t run across anything due to the bad atmospheric condition together with nosotros kept getting moisture due to the high waves.

It was together with then petroleum that nosotros did non dare teach to the lavatory equally the boat was lunging from side to side.

There was solely beer together with really inexpensive vino to buy together with no spirits.

The nutrient was freezing together with nosotros had no lights at the dorsum of the boat.

The lavatory at the Marina was inward a terrible nation together with if nosotros had know it was going to accept together with then long to teach to the Marina nosotros may non stimulate got gone inward the starting fourth dimension place.

I actually intend yous should beak to the owners together with recommend that they produce non leave of absence inward bad weather.

Everyone on board was expecting something much different, closed to people got dressed upward for the occasion solely to live on covered inward body of body of water spray.

It was a disaster together with the worst tour I stimulate got always done. As it was my Mums birthday I want I had taken her for a overnice dinner instead.

I volition postal service a overnice review on Trip Advisor for the other tour equally I actually enjoyed that 1 precisely non the other one.

The staff at your companionship were fantabulous together with I volition definitely recommend your companionship to others.

Thank yous over again for everything.

Kind Regards,
Deborah Sellers

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