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Thai Garlands

Puang Malai
Garlands, a type of Thai floral arrangement, are made using freshly picked flowers, leaves, too other found too bloom parts, thence fashioned on twigs inwards unlike patterns. Thailand abounds inwards many kinds of flowers, such every bit jasmine, canna, gardenia, footing amaranth, too crown flowers.

In olden days, people came upward amongst ideas for making the best purpose of these flowers, such every bit using bloom garlands every bit offerings to Buddha images. They tin flaming every bit good survive draped approximately the cervix of the bride too bridegroom at marriage ceremony ceremonies. Some people drapery them approximately their wrists, purpose them a souvenirs, or every bit offerings to masters of diverse crafts inwards homage paying ceremonies.

Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 garland is ofttimes inwards the cast of a pocket-size animal, unremarkably a floral squirrel, comprising mainly jasmine, gardenia, orangish jasmine leaves or rose petals. There is every bit good a pocket-size bunch of flowers suspended from the garland, ofttimes made amongst crown flowers too footing amaranth. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 garland inwards the cast of the one-half circle is tied betwixt the floral squirrel too the bunch of flowers, amongst a ribbon attached for for certain types of garlands, such every bit those used to drapery approximately the cervix too for souvenir garlands.

In the past, garland making was considered an of import duty for Thai females, specially the women of the palace. Any adult woman who could non brand garlands was deemed lacking too of import woman soul quality. So when a daughter grew up, her woman bring upward or grandmother would prepare her to guide flowers too brand garlands, every bit good education her techniques to brand beautiful bloom arrangements. The offspring of some aristocrats attended arts and crafts schools amongst special courses inwards garland making. Flower arranging has been passed downward from generation to generation inwards diverse patterns too forms, such every bit inwards the shape of animals too circles.