Best Thai Beaches: Pah Chana Dai Too Pa Dong Natham

ah Chana Dai in addition to Pa Dong Natham

<a href="">Best Thai Beaches</a>: Pah Chana Dai Too Pa Dong NathamDazzled past times blossom fields, sentiment the sunrise earlier anybody else at Pah Chana Dai in addition to Pa Dong Natham at Amphoe Khong Chiam, Ubon Ratchathani. Well known is Pah Chana Dai every bit the topographic point to sentiment sunrise earlier anybody else inwards Siam. This lift is heard whenever the Meteorological Department reports the fourth dimension of sunrise. This vast woods province of Pa Dong Natham is too abundant amongst varieties nature has to offer, amongst the highest peak every bit high every bit 510 meters from average ocean level. Most stone the world surface area is beginning of beautiful wild flowers. As the rainy flavor is passing past times inwards October, these flowers volition last blooming all over.

Pa Dong Natham is inwards the northward of Pah Taem National Park amongst a full surface area of nearly 88 foursquare kilometers or nearly 55,000 rai. Its eastern surface area connects Mekhong River forming the Thai in addition to Lao People’s Democratic Republic edge line. The forestland of Pa Dong Natham was announced every bit job of Pah Taem inwards 1991.

Pa Dong Natham is an ideal sight for trekking to study the nature. Apart from floral in addition to wild flowers on stone grounds that bloom inwards belatedly rainy flavor upward to early on wintertime betwixt Oct – December, Pah Dong Natham has many a pocket-sized in addition to medium sized waterfall amongst abundant H2O inwards September – December. The steep cliffs past times Mekhong River too offering practiced viewpoints, particularly the scenery of the river in addition to the sunrise, such every bit at Pah Chana Dai where the Meteorological Department refers to inwards determining fourth dimension for the showtime sunrise inwards Thailand.

H5N1 tour at Pa Dong Natham tin last done past times trekking inwards 2 primary routes – either a two-days in addition to one-night or a three-day in addition to two-nights.

Route 1 About 16.4 kilometers inwards total. Get start at Wat Tham Patihan passing Namtok Gid, a pocket-sized only beautiful waterfall; Hin Tao Chomchan, a huge stone shaped similar a turtle looking upward inwards the sky; Namtok Za pan, a pocket-sized waterfall similar to Namtok Gid; Nam Pud or a natural fountain; Plan Hin Tham Hi to sentiment the champaign of wild flowers in addition to a beautiful sunset; Sao Chaliang Koo, a giant mushroom – shaped rock; Ngone Taem, a blossom champaign on stone the world in addition to a viewpoint for the Mekhong; sentiment Pine woods on the colina ridge in addition to run into the showtime sunrise earlier anybody else inwards Siam at Pah Chana Dai; remain overnight past times the steam to admire the beauty Namtok Huay Phok.

Route 2 About 18.6 kilometers inwards total. Get start at Baan Tung Na Muang’s Forest Guard Unit 4, run into the cave Tham Phra Soong in addition to swim at Namtok Tung Na Muang, a beautiful waterfall that falls from the cliff every bit high every bit thirty meters; instruct ahead to sentiment Phu Namtham in addition to Pah Hinfon, a sandy high the world amongst H2O coming upward all yr long; see Bok Long Cave in addition to the stone pillar inwards the hill’s middle earlier going to run into the marvelous giant swaying stone Hin Yok Yek weighing over l tons only force able amongst entirely i hand; skirt past times to guide maintain a await at the wild blossom champaign at Laan Phu Ormkom; halt for a sentiment of Mekhong River in addition to the sunrise at Pah Daeng; guide maintain the showtime sentiment of sunrise earlier anybody else inwards Siam at Pah Chana Dai; across the woods to the cliffs Pah Kampan in addition to Pah Hin Taek for a sentiment of the morning’s fog ocean in addition to halt to see the cave at Tham Famue Daeng; in addition to terminate amongst a boat cruise for scenery past times the Mekhong at Baan Park La.

Travel Details for Pah Chana Dai in addition to Pa Dong Natham

Location: Baan Na Pho Klang, Tumbon Na Pho Klang, Amphoe Khong Chiam, on Highway position out 2112 (Khong Ciam to Khemarat), nearly 120 kilometers away from the city.
Good fourth dimension to go: Later rainy flavor upward to early on wintertime some Oct to December.
How to instruct there: The Tumbon Na Pho Klang Administration tin last reached past times 2 routes from the urban substance towards Amphoe Pibun Mangsahan, instruct along the yoke over the River Mool in addition to plough correct onto Amphoe Khong Ciam, therefore accept Highway position out 2112 (Khong ciam to Khemarat), amongst a full distance of nearly 120 kilometers; otherwise job the road from the urban substance towards Amphoe Trakan Phuet Phon, accept a correct plough onto amphoe Sri Chiang Mai, nearly 110 kilometers inwards total.