Best Thai Beaches : Let’s Larn On A Tour Of Phuket Prison!

For most societies, prison theater is an undesirable house to which law-abiding citizens mail the the community’s undesirables, i.e., the deviants, perverts as well as miscreants. But inwards Phuket, prison theater has buy the farm merely around other tourist attraction.

Helping to buy the farm on last the rigid local tradition of anywhere-anytime tourism, Paisarn Suwannaraksa, Director of Phuket Prison, told the Gazette that the 1,500-inmate prison theater is straight off opened upward for populace tours, both to railroad train the populace as well as to alter foreigners’ perceptions that Thai prisons are every bit atrocious every bit pop media depict.

“The leaders as well as management of the prison theater adhere to international standards, which agency our living quarters, nutrient as well as officers all accept to come across high standards for the prisoners,” he said.

“We welcome visitors from whatever province to come upward as well as regard our prisons. We are happy to exhibit the high lineament of the cells, as well as nosotros would similar to dispel whatever misconceptions foreigners may have, to exhibit that [our facilities] are non every bit terrible or unlawful every bit they mightiness think,” Director Paisarn said.

“We tin accept a maximum of thirty visitors per day, divided into groups of 10, but nosotros inquire visitors to delight wearing clothing well.”

For tours yous tin telephone phone the Prison officials – Tel: 076-212104 or 076-214689.

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