Best Thai Beaches : Inexpensive Places To Remain Inward Phuket – Hostels Too Guesthouses

Phuket does induce got that reputation of existence really expensive – alone resorts in addition to tourist restaurants. This is wildly inaccurate. Phuket has it all – OK, in addition to thus there’s non genuinely a “backpacker” scene hither whatever more, but in that location is enough of inexpensive accommodation, nutrient is every bit inexpensive every bit you lot similar – merely larn where the locals go, in that location are local buses in addition to you lot tin rent a motorcycle for 200-250 Baht per day. I volition elbow grease in addition to listing some less expensive places to remain below – non a consummate listing past times whatever means, but hopefully useful. You tin discovery some links to other sources of data below.

Try Agoda for depression budget places to stay

Phuket Town is oft said to go the cheapest house to stay, rather than whatever of the beaches. The town is quite overnice actually, in addition to in that location are every bit good some nicer places to stay, but it has e’er been where you lot are probable to discovery the strange backpacker passing through. Back inwards 1999, I arrived inwards Phuket in addition to the kickoff few nights I stayed at a hotel called “Thai Inter”, every bit good a black at the good known On On Hotel, which was used during the filming of “The Beach”. After a few nights I realised I could remain inwards Patong for 300 Baht a black in addition to relieve all the charabanc or tuk tuk rides. The buses alone run until nearly v – 6pm – afterwards that you lot are at the mercy of the taxi drivers who’ll accuse you lot to a greater extent than than you lot pay for your room to induce got you lot dorsum there.

Phuket Town is expert for exploring in addition to using every bit a base of operations peculiarly if there’s something going on similar the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.

Old Phuket Town
Vegetarian Festival

Cheap places to remain inwards Phuket Town

On On Hostel
Phuket Backpacker
Old Town Hostel
Thalang Guesthouse

More Phuket Town Accommodation – run across

One 24-hour interval if I induce got time, I must induce got a walk in addition to banking venture jibe out all the guesthouses inwards the former town area.

On The Beaches of Phuket…

It’s non all expensive, you lot know. Patong has quite a lot of guesthouses – you lot tin discovery some inwards the Agoda link on this page. But since I am non a fan of Patong, let’s ignore those – Kata in addition to Karon Beaches are slightly to a greater extent than set dorsum in addition to induce got a expert selection of lower budget places to stay. I induce got featured the Pineapple Guesthouse on my weblog already (Karon Beach). You tin book Pineapple Guesthouse online here. The Fantasy Hill Bungalows inwards the see of Kata are oft praised, in addition to the Doolay Hostel on Karon beach route is some other expert lower budget option.

Cheap Places to remain – Kata in addition to Karon Beaches

Pineapple Guesthouse
Divers Inn
Baan Suay Backpackers
Southern Fried Rice
Fantasy Hill Bungalows
Doolay Hostel
Karon Sunshine Guesthouse
Hotel Kata Center Inn
Karon Living Room
NB House

Oh, there’s to a greater extent than if you lot wander some – in addition to depends on your Definition of “low budget”! In Karon I could every bit good holler Casa Brazil, JJ Inn, Nice Residence, Holiday Village, Robin House, Anan House… all inside a few minutes walk of the beach.

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