Best Thai Beaches : Getting To Phuket – How Produce 1 Become To Phuket?

Simple plenty query – how produce I teach to Phuket? Well, outset of all, if you lot are coming from some other province you lot induce got to teach to Thailand. Phuket is an isle in addition to also a province of Thailand located inward the due south of the province virtually 800km due south of Bangkok. Getting hither is easy. Hope to encounter you lot soon!

Come Fly amongst Me

Most people volition wing to Thailand these days, since a boat from Europe or America would accept a real long time. International flights commonly teach inward in Bangkok, but you lot tin forcefulness out also wing long haul into Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) or Singapore in addition to teach connecting flights to Phuket from there. There are a few direct flights from Europe to Phuket, to a greater extent than oftentimes than non vacation charter flights.

From Bangkok you lot induce got plenty of domestic flights amongst a whole bunch of airlines. Most depart from the novel airdrome (Suvarnabhumi), though some also depart from the quondam airdrome (Don Muang). See links below.

Suvarnabhumi Airport Information
Thai Airways
Air Asia
Nok Air
Bangkok Airways
One ii Go
Orient Thai
Thai Domestic Flights – Shows all domestic flying schedules in addition to routes inward Thailand

Not running whatever more, but for a piece ‘Destination Air’ did seaplane trips betwixt Phuket in addition to Phi Phi – I did a trip a few years agone :

Seaplane to Phi Phi on Jamie’s Phuket

Phuket Airport

Phuket International Airport is non real large, has a unmarried runway, unmarried terminal in addition to the queues at immigration tin forcefulness out live long inward altitude season. The airdrome is inward the due north of Phuket in addition to it oftentimes surprises visitors that the taxi ride to their hotel is hence long. It tin forcefulness out accept an threescore minutes to hit the due south of Phuket where the psyche tourist beaches are found. It’s also virtually an hours motility to Khao Lak, but inward the other direction. The nearest beaches to the airdrome are Nai Yang, Mai Khao in addition to Naithon.

Phuket Airport Information
Phuket Airport – Live Flight Status

From Phuket Airport, you lot induce got a selection of shipping to hit your hotel. Some people complain virtually taxis existence a rip off, but I retrieve 500 – 600 Baht for a 40km ride is pretty reasonable. There are airdrome limos, metered taxis (which tend to operate out a piffling cheaper), or you lot tin forcefulness out conform pick upward inward advance amongst your hotel, dive middle etc… Booking your taxi inward advance is a neat stress saver. Its squeamish to walk out of the terminal in addition to encounter someone belongings upward your name!

Cheaper options – you lot tin forcefulness out accept a shared minibus which departs when amount in addition to charges virtually 160 – 180 Baht per mortal to the southern beaches. Cheaper, but slower. You mightiness live lucky in addition to live the outset to driblet off, or you lot mightiness live the last. Also, you lot are almost certain to live dropped outset at a locomote agent who volition endeavor to sell you lot tours or a room if you’ve non already arranged it. The taxi in addition to minibus drivers teach commission. Again, a prearranged individual pick upward has the wages – they volition accept you lot straight where you lot desire to go.

There is instantly an airdrome coach service too, but this runs solely into Phuket City in addition to non to the beaches. Very inexpensive – but 85 Baht from airdrome to town. If you lot conception on staying inward Phuket Town, great. If you lot hence desire to teach to the beaches, you lot induce got to accept a tuk tuk or taxi from the coach station which volition cost to a greater extent than or less 300 Baht. ** Update July 2013 – at that spot is instantly a coach from the airdrome to Patong also.

Phuket Airport Bus Service

Long Distance Bus Services

Thailand has a real expert coach service. I induce got taken the VIP buses many times, you lot are good looked afterwards in addition to if it’s a black coach you lot tin forcefulness out almost sleep. Buses are the preferred method of locomote for budget travelers, though the prices offered past times the budget airlines these days are real tempting. Fly from Bangkok inward lxxx minutes or accept a 12 threescore minutes overnight bus…? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 coach inward the twenty-four hours fourth dimension agency you lot tin forcefulness out encounter some countryside, though the VIP buses tend to live almost non halt hence you lot don’t encounter much local life. If you lot actually desire to mingle amongst the masses, accept a cheaper sec course of study coach or fifty-fifty a non aircon coach for shorter trips.

Warning: There are many reports on locomote forums virtually bags going missing or items existence stolen on long coach rides, peculiarly those organised past times individual companies in addition to especially those booked inward backpacker areas similar Khao San Road, Bangkok. Better to volume the coach at the coach station yourself. The authorities run VIP buses are excellent. The individual companies accept wages of the sheep mentality of many backpackers. If you lot accept the buses that the locals take, you lot should non induce got whatever problems. But its mutual feel when traveling to acquit all actually valuable materials on your mortal in addition to non inward checked luggage, right? Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 expert manner to set a thief off is to pack your muddied laundry on the overstep of your backpack. Makes certain it’s squeamish in addition to stinky.

The Phuket Bus terminal is inward Phuket City inside walking distance of many hotels in addition to guesthouses. There is utter of edifice a novel terminal due north of the middle which the taxi drivers volition love! If arriving past times coach in addition to needing onward transfer to the beaches, at that spot are plenty of taxis waiting for you.

Phuket Bus Time Table (departures)
Government Bus Website (Home Page)

Ferry Services to Phuket

Phuket is an island. True, but it’s solely but an isle in addition to is connected to the mainland past times Sarasin Bridge. Nevertheless, if coming to Phuket from islands such equally Phi Phi or Koh Lanta, you’ll demand a ferry. There’s ferries from Krabi too, but you lot tin forcefulness out also accept a coach from there. There are ii ferries per twenty-four hours betwixt Phuket in addition to Phi Phi. From Phi Phi departing 09:00 in addition to 14:30. The ferry takes virtually xc minutes. The Rassada ferry terminal is correct inward the due east of Phuket City, non actually walkable from the center, but if you lot purchase tickets for the ferry inward advance from a locomote agent they volition commonly include onward transfer to your hotel. It tin forcefulness out easily accept 45 minutes inward traffic to teach from the terminal to Phuket’s psyche W coast beaches.

Ferry Services – Timetables in addition to Online Booking

Choo Choo Ch-Boogie

Dear educate lovers… Sorry at that spot are no trains to Phuket. The nearest you lot tin forcefulness out teach is Surat Thani, which is virtually 3-4 hours away past times bus.

State Railway of Thailand Website
Guide to Train Travel inward Thailand

If at that spot is whatever locomote data I induce got missed hither or whatever links that would live useful, delight produce teach out a comment. Enjoy Phuket!