Best Thai Beaches: Doi Mae U-Kor’S Tung Dok Buatong.

Mae Hongson possesses Thailand’s largest Tung Dok Buatong. Regarded equally valueless weeds inwards the one-time days, Tung Dok Buatong today is Mae Hongson’s most famous attraction. Dok Buatong is of the same menage unit of measurement equally sunflower.

<a href="">Best Thai Beaches</a>: Doi Mae U-Kor’S Tung Dok Buatong.

The golden xanthous that colors many a colina roofing a vast expanse of over 500 rai is the nature’s beauty available for admiring exclusively inwards Nov to Dec each year.
Tung Dok Buatong on top of Doi Mae U-Kor, Amphoe Khunyuam. For some tourists who are heading upwards north, it tin go a blow of the mutual depression temperature breeze.
In the wintertime to a greater extent than or less Nov to December, Dok Buatong is fully blooming

creating a color-contrast of xanthous flowers upon the light-green mount arrive at suitable for a camping ground Blue Planet for tourists to sense the close-up setting of Buatong plain at all times. Further from Tung Dok Buatong for most iii kilometers stands Namtok Mae U-Kor, the tiny waterfall amongst exclusively i flooring simply outstanding amongst H2O falling from the cliff equally high equally xxx meters. Namtok Mae Yuam Luang, most 500 meters away from the entrance to Doi Mae U-Kor, is a pocket-size waterfall inwards the encompass of rocks together with a shady bamboo forest.

Once tourists brand their agency uphill to Doi Mae U-Kor, apart from Tung Dok Buatong equally the destination, the roadside stop-over betoken close the hamlet most ii kilometers earlier Doi Mae U-Kor is of high colina for viewing a panoramic scenery amongst local vegetable together with winterland blossom plantations to come across equally a overnice starter. The background colina is Doi Mae U-Kor’s Tung Dok Buatong.

Uphill onto Doi Mae U-Kor, tourists may thought the scenery all over, amongst many a viewpoint shelter where you lot tin come across Tung Dok Buatong at 360-degree angle to serve this purpose.

Travel Details for Doi Mae U-Kor’s Tung Dok Buatong

Location: Doi Mae U-Kor, Amphoe Khunyuam, Mae Hongson.
Good fourth dimension to go: Wintertime to a greater extent than or less Nov to December.
How to larn there: The North, Bangkok to Mae Hongson
From Bangkok, direct keep Highway give away 32 through Ayutthaya, Singh Buri, Chainat together with Uthai Thani, together with therefore brand your agency onto Highway give away 1 towards Nakorn Sawan.

From Nakorn Sawan, brand your agency onto Highway no.1 through Kamphaeng Petch, Tak, Thoen towards Lamang, together with therefore direct keep a left plough onto Highway give away 108 through Amphoe Hang-Dong, Jomthong, Hod to attain Mae Hongson past times Amphoe Mae-Sariang together with Mae La Noi piece Khunyuam is a lilliputian further, amongst a sum distance of most 924 kilometers.

Travel Details for Doi Mae U-Kor’s Tung Dok Buatong

From the metropolis of Mae Hongson, become along Highway give away 108. At kilometer 201, brand your agency onto Highway give away 1263 for most 12 kilometers earlier turning onto Baan Na Ngew to Baan Hua Ha route together with farther for some other fourteen kilometers to attain Doi Mae U-Kor.

From Chiang Mai’s Amphoe Mae Jam, become along Highway give away 1263 (Mae Jam to Khunyuam) onto the junction into Baan Na Ngew to Baan Hua Ha for most 76 kilometers earlier taking a plough for some other fourteen kilometers to attain Doi Mae U-Kor also.

Other Tourist Attractions
Namtok Mae Surin, most 12 kilometers away from Tung Dok Buatong, is i of Thailand’s highest waterfalls amongst the acme of 220 meters. Its exclusively i flooring makes the falling H2O hold off grand together with really beautiful-with its peak beauty betwixt Nov – December. In Khunyuam expanse in that place is an interesting temple Wat Muai Toh-a WWII Japanese armed forces infirmary amongst a construction of Tai Yai’s architecture; a fine Mon-styled Decorated Pagoda; the whole – treakwood Preaching Hall together with Image Hall of Tai Yai Style.

Where to shopping:
One the other side of Wat Muai Toh is Amphoe Khunyuam’s Local Cultural Center the identify that collects the local arts together with cultures inwards the one-time days of the district. Tourists may purchase local products amongst many a diverseness equally souvenirs.

Where to stay:
When the tour is done, a homestay for a alter from typical resorts is recommended at Baan Tohphae-Baan Luang Home Stay, most nineteen kilometers away from Tung Dok Buatong. Here a lot of avtivites are available at your selection includeing bicycling to explore the village, the fields; the hills amongst Sa-due creek together with Maenam Yuam river running through. And if you lot come upwards during the local grand holy events that final equally long equally 10 months, you lot volition too direct keep a adventure to sense the all twelvemonth – circular local cultural holy events.