Best Thai Beaches : Dancing Alongside Whale Sharks

Family advert : Rhincodotidae (called Rhinodontes earlier 1984)
Order advert : Orectoloboformes
Common advert : Whale shark
Scientific advert : Rhincodon typus

The whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is a deadening filter feeding shark that is the largest living fish species. The shark is institute inward tropical as well as warm oceans as well as lives inward the opened upward sea. The species is believed to convey originated most lx 1 M one thousand years ago.


The whale shark is a the biggest shark as well as the biggest fish. It is NOT a whale. It has a huge rima oris which tin flame hold out upward to four feet (1.4 m) wide. Its rima oris is at the really forepart of its caput (not on the underside of the caput similar inward most sharks). It has a wide, apartment head, a rounded snout, small-scale eyes, five really large gill slits, 2 dorsal fins (on its back) as well as 2 pectoral fins (on its sides). The spiracle (a vestigial get-go gill slit used for breathing when the shark is resting on the sea floor) is located but behind the shark’s eye. Its tail has a function past times fin much larger than the lower fin.

The whale shark has distinctive light-yellow markings (random stripes as well as dots) on its really thick night greyness skin. Its peel is upward to four inches (10 cm) thick. There are 3 prominent ridges running along each side of the shark’s body.

This enormous shark is a filter feeder as well as sieves enormous amounts of plankton to consume through its gills every bit it swims.

Foods for the whale sharks

Whale shark alive on plankton as well as nearby invisible tiny living creatures, floating inward the sea water. Whale sharks swim as well as opened upward their mouths for H2O as well as plankton to run as well as strain them from the sea through modified gill rakers as well as unloose H2O through the gill slits on the side of the body. Whale sharks are hence known every bit harmless fish – – non hazardous to neitherman nor fish schoolhouse to a greater extent than or less them.

Whale Sharks In Thailand: Where To See Them

One of the corking things of diving from Phuket is the possibility of whale sharks. These corking creatures tin flame hold out seen non exclusively to a greater extent than or less Phuket as well as Phi Phi past times 24-hour interval trip but likewise inward the Similans islands as well as the southern dive sites of Hin Daeng as well as Hin Muang. In fact, these terminal 2 dive sites convey likely given divers the greatest risk of whale shark encounters inward recent times. Although they tin flame hold out discovered all yr circular the most probable fourth dimension to reckon 1 is during the months of Feb to Apr when plankton blooms tend to occur. However, behave inward hear that, every bit alongside all wild creatures, nada tin flame hold out guaranteed. It is but a interrogation of beingness inward the correct house at the correct time. Just enquire the Open Water pupil who late saw 1 on exclusively his third opened upward H2O dive!

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