Wat Phra Nang Sang

Wat Phra Nang Sang is the oldest temple inwards Phuket, dating dorsum perchance to a greater extent than than 500 years. If I read what I tin honour on the internet, it seems the exact historic menstruum is unsure together with for certain the temple has been renovated together with rebuilt over that time. It mightiness endure accurate to country a temple has been on the site for 500 years. One even out says a powerful southern Thai ruler had the temple built for his wife. Another even out says that the temple was built inwards accolade of a princess who was due to endure executed, although she had been framed together with was innocent. When she was executed she bled white blood, therefore showing her purity. The temple is likewise called Wat Luad Khao (White Blood Temple). In 1785, the Burmese invaded Phuket together with were fought off past times the people of Phuket led past times two sisters. The Phuket people gathered at this temple earlier the battle which was fought nearby. At that time, Thalang was the primary town inwards Phuket.

The battle is commemorated every twelvemonth inwards March at the Phuket Heroines Festival inwards Thalang. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 statue of Thao Thep Kassatri together with Thao Sri Sunthon (known every bit Chan together with Mook earlier King Rama I gave them these names for their valiant defense forcefulness of Phuket) lies inwards the temple grounds – a larger ane tin endure seen at the Heroines Monument – a traffic circle on the primary route betwixt the airdrome together with Phuket City.

I commence stopped at Wat Phra Nang Sang inwards 2006 together with convey meant to view ane time to a greater extent than for ages. Parts of the temple were notwithstanding existence built together with indeed straightaway inwards 2015 at that topographic point are notwithstanding parts existence built, together with a whole novel temple complex has been built behind the one-time temple! It’s never ending! The grounds are quite large, it’s worth taking your time.

Wat Phra Tong (which lies a chip farther north) together with Wat Sri Sunthon (a lilliputian means S of Thalang). There’s likewise a memorial on the one-time battlefield which I postulate to honour someday together with I believe somewhere are the ruins of the one-time governors family from the early on 19th century.

Update 2016 – Wat Phra Nang Sang was ane of iii temples my boy together with I visited inwards ane afternoon – meet hither : Thalang Area Phuket Temples

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Military Coup Inwards Bangkok? All Serenity Inwards Phuket.

Update 25th May 2014 – delight authorities annotation – this is an one-time weblog shipping service relating to the coup of September 19th 2006. Nothing happened inward Phuket too thus too since the coup inward 2014, goose egg is happening inward Phuket again. Yeh, at that spot was a curfew for a patch but yous won’t come across troops or whatsoever problem inward Phuket. For news, advise yous follow me on Twitter @ twitter.com/jamiemonk. I disclose that quite a few people necessitate maintain been looking at this one-time page, thus I but desire to tell .. everything inward Phuket is fine. See yous on Twitter too come across yous here!


xx September 2006 : Well, I necessitate maintain but come upwards to the operate too tin come across goose egg abnormal hither inward Phuket. No military, no increased constabulary presence, no worried faces. Thailand is rattling relaxed. Hard to piece of work out terminal nighttime what was going on. All the Thai TV channels went off the air too started playing music too showing pictures of the King. We got pictures from the BBC News (www.bbcworld.com or www.bbc.co.uk) showing soliders too armed forces vehicles inward the streets of Bangkok, but otherwise everything going on every bit normal. Called my wifes sis who industrial plant for a banking concern inward Bangkok too she said she could come across goose egg at all.

So let’s hold off too see. Looks similar Thaksin may last out of a job. The contention issued on Thai TV said the armed forces were acting on behalf of the King, or at to the lowest degree amongst his approval, which makes all the departure hither inward Thailand.

As I say, no argue to worry, too goose egg going on hither inward Phuket except schools too banks volition last unopen today. (Today is the terminal 24-hour interval of the schoolhouse term anyway).

(Later) – Thai TV is dorsum on, too at that spot was a contention issued past times the leaders of the armed forces too constabulary maxim they are exclusively trying to assist too practice non retrieve asset ability whatsoever longer than necessary.

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Also a lot of comments (many to last taken amongst a pinch of salt) on the Lonely Planet Thailand Forum:

• http://thorntree.lonelyplanet.com/categories.cfm?catid=51

 this is an one-time weblog shipping service relating to the coup of September  Military Coup inward Bangkok? All Quiet inward Phuket.

(Update on Th 21st)

Nothing happening inward Phuket, everything is 100% normal. Lord’s Day is shining. The word says that the King supports the leaders of the coup, which agency (since everyone is loyal to the king) that at that spot volition last no trouble.

BBC News says “During the day, coup supporters brought flowers, pizzas too donuts to the soldiers too took turns taking problem solid unit of measurement pictures inward front end of the armoured vehicles which necessitate maintain cordoned off the authorities district.

Many of the tanks that necessitate maintain been deployed inward Bangkok necessitate maintain yellowish ribbons tied but about their barrels to signify loyalty to the king.”

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