Bangla Road Best Entertainment in Phuket

Post On: 25 March 2015
March 25, 2015

If you want traveling to Phuket Thailand, don’t miss to visit and enjoy nightlife at “Bangla Road“. The name of Bangla Road located at pathong area. Here the tourist can find the sexy ladyboy that dance along the way.

The complex consists of a complex of club, hence this famous Bangla Road will party street, consisting of a few soi (a type of the complex), in each of these there is a specialty bar soi best visited on the weekday.

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Soi Seadragon

This place is now again so favorite, so many go-go bar that offers drinks and sexy girls dance and attractions. its party really well, all the roof closed the same brilliant sound system as well. all in one party is no less complex like hollywood.

Soi Eric

The Soi Eric is one of a very crowded, has just been completely renovated, here a place for lovers of live music, a lot of local bands play music party. bang the drum between each other scrambling stage listeners, much like battle of the band, but still interesting. along the way you will be accompanied by the strains of music by DJ party that brilliant.

Soi Gonzo

Soi gonzo is one of the most desolate places on soi bangla, not because it is not sold, but crowded made a quiet possible, sometimes too because the place is a little bit small lots that do not know there is soi gonzo is. the quietest place if just chilling out to drink while enjoying the attractions of striptease or see beautiful Thai girls.

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