Sir Fifty Of Cent

Genius has landed – someone is tweeting 50cent’s tweets inwards the Queen’s English:

@English50cent My operate continues. *laughs* Please refrain from pestering Soulja. He was conned past times a woman individual dog. Water barricades gladly received.

 But the best affair is when you lot expect as well as read the original. Here’s 1 of my favourites:

@50cent Busta notwithstanding has the best exhibit inwards hip-hop I’m non shiting on him. And I aint dissing serena either I said i gotta workout!yal live on buggin

@English50cent I am sincere inwards praising Busta Rhymes’ alive abilities as well as Serena Williams’ sexually intimidating strength. You resemble insects.

Unfortunately patch looking I had the misfortune to expect at 50cent’s actual Twitter page, as well as most vomitted on my misanthropy when I saw his background. It consists of images of either wearing a adjust or topless, playing baseball game or basketball game or boxing or merely looking meaningfully at the viewer, amongst the words CONFIDENT SMART RICH STRONG as well as I’M EVERYTHING YOU NEED GIRL. From anyone else it would live on irony, but non Mister Cent. The fact the human race tin create such a massive cockface makes me desire to kill absolutely everyone, including myself, to brand certain no such motherfucker volition e’er grace the internet.


Orange In Addition To Greyish Infant Quilt

You guys may retrieve my Burnt Orange in addition to Charcoal Grey Nursery. Well I lately got an e-mail from a reader inwards Strathmore, Alberta, Canada who is expecting their outset grandchild whatsoever twenty-four hours now. Their miss was inspired past times my plant nursery decor, in addition to and thus they made an amazing orangish in addition to gray babe quilt that matches the plant nursery decor to a T. Check it out:

 Well I lately got an e-mail from a reader inwards Strathmore Orange in addition to Grey Baby Quilt

 Well I lately got an e-mail from a reader inwards Strathmore Orange in addition to Grey Baby Quilt
Thanks in addition to thus much for sharing this amongst me Gwen, in addition to congratulations to you lot in addition to your identify unit of measurement on your novel package of joy!!

For anyone else who was inspired past times the orangish in addition to grayness plant nursery decor amongst the round down motif, I besides recommend these custom babe announcements (which could besides brand overnice babe shower invitations:

These were custom designed in addition to created for me past times The Cheshire Kat Designs based on my plant nursery theme. They tin give notice instantly endure purchased here inwards a give away of dissimilar color schemes.